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Questions and Answers

This is page will hopefully answer any of those questions you may have, but feel free to contact my using the email, phone or chat function, if I've missed any of yours. 

1. Is window tinting an actual business, sounds like a scam?

Yes, it’s a real business, it’s actually worth over $10billion+ dollars a year. Just do a google search and you’ll see there are businesses all over the country, and probably one near you. BUT, they will probably be car tinters, there is a huge gap in the market for flat glass (Architectural) tinters.

3. Is it a “get rich quick” scheme?

No, this is a genuine business that requires work. But it’s not hard work. It’s unlikely that you’ll start off super busy, but the hours you do work will be very rewarding. You can start off running it alongside what you do now, as long as you can take phone call enquiries, you can book in your tint work for when you’re free, at weekends or evenings for example. However,  Ryan , from the testimonial in the introduction video, did make £165,000.00 in his first year !!

5. I don’t have thousands of pounds to get set up and i don't want to get an industrial unit to work from or get a van.

You don’t need it, our course is actually the most expensive bit! But it’s also the most important bit! You’re paying for quality instruction, from someone with a proven track record over the last 20+ years of training and helping people set up tint businesses. PLUS you have all the access to FREE ongoing support in the future. NO ONE else offers anything close to this.

You can work completely from home, no need for expensive units or vans, just use your car!

The tools you’ll need will cost about £300, less if you shop around, you don’t even need to buy any window film until you’ve got your first job booked in! Facebook / Instagram and TikTok are all free to get your marketing up and running, you can even build yourself a website for free.

8. Is there anything you don’t do?

Not much, but I won’t work out job prices for you, the formula is in the course and you need to work this out for yourself from the start, there’s too many variables for me to know. There’s some great information in the course on pricing jobs, sometimes when not to do jobs and how to get out of it, and also a great tip on how to get paid straight away.

10. What happens if it doesn’t work?

It does work, I’ve been doing it for 23+ years now and I have many, many very successful trainees out there making a lot of money. It’s all about attitude, if you go into it thinking you’re going to fail, you will. Don’t worry about being quiet, worry about being too busy!

I love the saying “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right”. What I’m trying to say is this business works, don’t worry, but it requires work on your part to build, grow and be part of it, and we give you the knowledge on how to do this. You’ll get out of it, what you put into it.

12. OK, I’ve bought the course, is that it?

Not at all. You’re paying for access to our course and we’ll regularly be adding and updating it . When we add a new video showing a new technique for example, you’ll receive an email telling you to go and have a look. Plus will be Facebook group for you to join and share you’re experiences and show off your jobs.

Plus as mentioned previously, you’ll always have FREE ongoing support, my direct personal mobile number, is on the site.

14. Great, I’ve joined but I can’t seem to get back to my course after a few days.

Ok, go back to the site and in the top right corner of the home page, you see a bell icon and next to that there is a picture of a head. Click on the head then click on MY PROGRAMS from the drop down menu and you’ll enter your members section and you can log in there. That'll take you to your home page , You'll see "Architectural Tinting" just click on the VIEW PROGRAM tab and you'll be right back into your course.

2. Is it really possible to make £200+ per hour?

Absolutely it is, just look at some of the projects on this site, They’re all 100% true, done by myself recently, on my own. The prices I charge are pretty much the going rate for the work done. On our 1-2-1 trainings we regularly come across people that are almost frightened to ask this much money for their work, because they’re previously from an employed background, working for £10-£15 Per Hour, and they struggle to believe it’s possible they can achieve £200 an hour. But more often than not I’ll get a call not long after saying “I’ve just made £300 an hour!!” (for example) and 2 things happen from that point, they’re confidence grows hugely and their business really starts to take off.

4. How do I know where or how to buy the film or the tools from?

Don’t worry, this is all covered on the site for you, there’s even a video explaining how all the tools work and there’s a video showing how to navigate around a supplier’s website.

6. Isn’t it seasonal work though?

It’s definitely quieter during the winter months, but, as an example, I did 9 office windows in December £1150, 3 hours, and I had an enquiry on New Years day to tint the rear of a new building. The work is there if you go looking for it and don’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring.

7. How long does the course take & for me to get going?

It’s actually about as long as our 1-2-1 course, easily completed in a day. We would then encourage you to practice on your own home first, just to build your confidence and practice your technique. Your home has windows, practice on them. Then you’re ready to go, it really is that simple.

9. I am getting a big flashy professionally produced course?

I’m afraid not, this course is something I’ve put together with my partner over the last few months. We’re both very pleased with it and at the end of the day, it gets across to you how to do the business.  I’ve learnt a lot doing it and will be improving it as we go along. It’s something we’ve done because we’ve been asked a lot for it over the last few years. Architectural tinting is something that can be taught online, unlike car tinting which really does require hands on, face to face learning. Also the online course is a less expensive way to learn the skill rather than travelling here for the 1-2-1 course, plus you can learn it at your own pace and you’ve always got access to the site if you need a refresher. Our videos are clear, easy to follow and the wealth of materials in the course will give you the skills and knowledge to get going straight away.

11. Could I call and see you one day?

Absolutely! Yes please do. I love it when my previous trainees call in for a catch up and hear all their success stories, and the occasional fail! Just give me a bit of notice so I can make sure I’m here. I’ll look forward to it.

13. OK I’m ready to join but haven’t quite got the £1,495?

Not a problem, when you go to the ENROLL page, enter your details, then you’ll go to the payment section. If you pay by PayPal, you can break it down into 3 payments and I believe they also offer 0% too. If you haven’t got a PayPal account, if you sign up, you can still pay with your card and get the stage payment offer.

What Our Trainees Say

Testimonial from Chris and Rachael Davies

“Hi Tim, quick update for you, took a while for us to get going but that was my fault, my work got busy again. Set up an Facebook advert page and got an enquiry the very first night! Anyway, long story short, we’ve done 3 installations now , averaged £187 per hour after our costs and have already made our course money back. I actually really enjoy doing it, We  ’ve had some lovely customers and am already getting recommendations. Thanks for everything and I’ll be intouch again soon to pick you brains LOL. Just to say if anyone is on the fence about doing this course, DO IT. As it says , it’s not hard work and the money is amazing, the instruction videos are clear and to the point and the after sales help is excellent. As tim says, GO FOR IT !”
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